We seek to establish cooperation with authors for whom scientific work constitutes important motivation for self-development and further career. The fast development of the contemporary science, coupled with a quick academic career of the young generation,  require a wide-ranging dissemination of the results of the research. The scope of these works encompasses a wide spectrum of scientific fields, ranging from the humanistic sciences to social and exact sciences. In each of these fields, students and young scientists make increasing progress.

In order to provide opportunities for the academic development of young researchers, we invite students, doctoral students, and young researchers, to publish their scientific results in the new edition of Papers of Students’ Scientific Movement of UJK in Kielce. The articles published in our journal are pre-selected by The Scientific Council, and then they are subjected to an external review. This process, typical for science, guarantees a high level of the works published. We do not restrict the range of the topics, because we believe that progress is discernible in all fields of science, and new results of research are worth publishing.